Friday, February 15, 2013

Roosters - RIP

Well, We knew Col. Brunswick was a boy, but as it turns out we had FOUR boys and you can't have 4 roosters, forget the crowing, they will kill each other.  It was pretty awful, 5 chickens, 4 roosters:

IMG_0560, originally uploaded by lasdcm.

They were gorgeous!  I had a plan for butchering, but when the second rooster started to crow, my plan fell apart as my teachers had a house to settle on and I could not wait 2 weeks because roosters do not crow at sunrise, they start at about 2 am and just let one loose whenever they feel the urge - which can be pretty constant.  We put it off to be sure all 4 were indeed roosters and one morning the week after Thanksgiving at about 5:30 in the morning, we butchered them.  It was very hard and very awful and very empowering all at the same time.  The hens seemed relieved.


  1. I know, the whole male plumage thing, they were absolutely gorgeous. Really hard to let them go!

  2. How sick can you be that butchering an animal is empowering? I get it, you couldn't keep them and you had to kill them, so I understand why it happened. But it was an empowering experience? You get some sick rush from killing a live animal?