Friday, February 4, 2011

Juicy Rovings and Giveaway Sweater

2/11/11 EDITED TO ADD: It's finished!

First - I finished the body of the sweater I am donating to Juniper Moon Farms massively huge most amazing giveaway ever in support of Pete's Greens:



I am really liking this sweater - basically I used the pattern "Faux Fair Isle Raglans" from Shannon Okey's book Spin to Knit: the Knitter's Guide to Yarn Making, but I added underarm gussets, and I think I added short-rows on the back of the neck so it would not ride up.... I'll have to double-check that bit!

Rovings! Dyed rovings!

Also - I dyed up four 4 oz chunks of roving, again the beautiful Cormo from Juniper Moon Farm- the first brownish grey was sort of a voo-do dyejob. I piled up the soaked fiber and randomly poured mixed red, blue and yellow dyes.

This next I am not so excited about, though the blues are nice, but it may spin up nicely:

This one I love! I painted two of the rovings the same and they are most juicy!


  1. Your dyeing is really pretty, Lisa, and I adore the sweater. Be-utiful!!!

  2. I'd LOVE to get my hands (and my wheel!) on those dyed rovings, especially the...wait...I can't choose!