Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catch-Up on Photos!

Here is a recap of the last month:

"Cheater" tomatoes - mine got fried, luckily I live about 30 minutes away from Burpee's Seeds and they had some nifty tomatoes left, I picked up 2 heirloom varieties- "Brandywine" and "Rutgers" a nice "Roma" and a bush-type Early Girl. I also picked up the book "Carrots Love Tomatoes" and followed a bunch of thier companion planting guides, so there are carrots along the sides and garlic in the middle - which you can see in this picture but are all now completely obscured by the tomato jungle.

Teeny Tiny mixed greens - Planted spicy in one windowbox and mild in another - we have eaten most of it! YUM - I have cleared out the radish patch and will scatter another crop.
Teeny Tiny Bush beans!

Teeny-Weeny Zucchini companion planted with radishes - the blossoms of the radishes repel squash bugs, and they seem to be doing it so far.
Bed for the Bean Tee Pee!

We rented a log- splitter, what a wonderful machine! We had to take down a triple-trunked tree, got it all spit in about 6 hours with the help of hydrolics!

June was "play with chickens month"

Peter and Ethel
Betty on a Mission

Aggie thinks Betty is a bit of a goof.

Bad Blogger - Bad, Bad, Bad!

It has been a blessed coons age since I blogged here! AK! I PROMISE to blog within the next 48 hours! The garden is mammoth! the chickens are hilarious! Son graduated from High School! I have the biggest radishes the world has ever seen and if we don't get some rain my lawn will be gone!

Meanwhile! - for all my Team Juniper Moon companions spinning in the Tour-de Fleece this year, here is the animated badge you will have to only imagine on Ravelry:

team mooners animated