Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The little girls- fancy big box, they have about 3 weeks to go before they go and join the big girls in the outside coop. Check out the blue legs on Effie (black and brown in front).

In the Gardens
The chard I planted a couple of weeks ago is nice and sprouted, I planted a second row of seeds in between. This is rainbow chard so there should be red, orange, yellow and white stems which will be really pretty nice to the patio. The rubarb is HUGE and I had to cut off the flower stalk because it flopped over in the rain the other day. The pretend iron railing (plastic from Target) is a child deterrent device: do not step in the chard!

Remember the butcherd heavily pruned apple trees? Baby apples!
Pears in the backyard-
Plums in the front-
The roses are about to BURST! as are the peonies, I love peonies and cannot wait for them to burst!
Dyed a bunch of sock yarn and two cormo rovings - yummy!
If you are interested in more yarn-y details, check out the yarn blog!

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