Monday, May 3, 2010

Coop is DONE! (ok - nearly done, close enough!)

Lots of building this week and weekend - I played hookey from coop building on Saturday to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Fesitval which was very HOT and very wonderful! Met a bunch of great women I trade gossip with over at the Juniper Moon Farm blog and Ravelry group. It is so nice to have actual faces and people in my head! It was nearly too hot for funnel cake, nearly, we found nice shade and breeze near the 4-h barn under a big tree and indulged - it is not a Sheep and Wool festival without once a year funnel cake! My score? 2.5 pounds of lucious merino roving! Yummy stuff!

OK - back to the Backyard!

Got home on Saturday, and the coop was soooooooo close,

But on Sunday, we had the run done by about 2 in the afternoon and were able to move the girls into the run:

We needed a few more hours to finish up sealing off the inside - stapling hardware cloth all around the top air space where the walls meet the roof rafters - p.i.t.a. - hardware cloth is sharp, stiff, and unweildy! The staple gun is great but too bulky to really fit into the little spaces - so it took alot longer than we thought, but just about the time the sun was setting and the girls were freaking out with a burning desire to GET INTO SHELTER - we "finished" the inside, and stuffed the girls in. They were NOT happy, so got a cardboard box and put THAT inside the coop - they seemed happier, they are familiar with cardboard boxes after all! This morning I lifted them out into the yard - in the pouring rain - but they seemed fine, and were pecking and eating and pooping and scratching this afternoon. Stuffed them back up this evening and all is well!

We need a lower inside perch, and racoon-proof locks on the people-access door and the nest box outer doors, (they are temporarly nailed shut) some sort of anti-slip texture on the steps, and it will be done!

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  1. Lisa! That coop is all kinds of awesome! What lucky chickens! And it looks great in your yard! My coops are more functional than decorative. I made the PVC hoop thing, and it was great for a while, but it gave up the ghost when I lent it to the sheep. The sheep totally tore it up and now it needs to be disassembled and put out of our misery. ;-)

    Soooo good to meet you this weekend. Wish we could have palled around some. Someday!