Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sooooooooo Close!

But today was too rainy to finish it! The coop is nearly done, really nearly! The inside needs perches, the outside got 2 coats of paint, still needs the second half of the hardware cloth and the door! - OK, and the flower pots, and the ceramic sun nailed to the wall, and the window box, and the chandelier, and the loft with a flat-screen tv......

Peter and Dave, working together!

We brought the hardware cloth down a foot below ground.

We were able to get two more panels of hardware cloth on the coop before it got too dark to see the staple gun - whoever invented the pneumatic staple gun should get a Nobel Prize! I love the staple gun!
Meanwhile, the little chicks (who are getting pretty big) got some new digs, only the BEST cardboard box condos for my girls! I have no decent chicken pics this week, next week I promise!

Did a bunch of garden stuff too. Put the fourth bed in place and filled it up with nice topsoil, mulched between the beds with newspaper covered with straw, re-mulched around the rasberry plants, and finished evening out the area by the stone wall where the new compost bins will go. Have been putting the chicks in a pen over the garden beds and they have been digging, pooping and scratching nicely so I hope to plant them next weekend and into the week.


AND I have a new Best Crush - check out designer Alabama Chanin. I had been eyeing the Alabama Chanin Stitch Book for a couple of months, and splurged, and am hooked, completely hooked on hand-sewn, cotton knit clothing. Went thrift shopping and got this t-shirt for 2 bucks:

and I made it into THIS!:

Of course it is not as great as Alabama Chanin's corset tops, but I love it and am on the hunt for another t-shirt!

(anyone know how to do this so if you click on the picture it will go to a website? Turn a picture into a hyperlink? On Blogger?)

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