Monday, April 5, 2010

It Was a Beautiful Weekend...

For building stuff!

Remember, we took off the manky old roofing material 2 weekends ago, then it rained a great deal:

This weeekend, we put nice new roofing material back on the treehouse henceforth to be called the Coop:

Then got to work on the interior:

How about that for a nice floor! The hole in the floor on the right is for chicken access. They will have a ladder/ramp up into the coop from below. The doorway will be for me to get into the coop to clean it.

The big girls got to play outside quite a bit, it has been so warm. First they hung out in a modified playpen I trash-picked, but then my friend Jude brought over an abandoned play-yard, that I think, based on the warning lables, people actually put their children in?..

Well, the chickens love it! They are so big, and really, the only one we can reliably tell from the others is Mini - she still is small, her coloring is different, she has a much lighter fluffy chest and rear end and not much of a tail. I am curious to she what she looks like when fully grown.

My other little project was a DIY chicken feeder - took a nice sturdy plastic pot bottom and drilled a hole in the middle. Got a 2 quart paint mixing bucket from Home Depot, any decently sturdy plastic tub with a lid will do for this, and drilled a hole in the bottom of that as well. I cut 6 holes out of the bottom edge of the plastic bucket with an exacto knife, the holes are about the size of a quarter, they probably could be bigger, and used the shortest bolt I could find in the basement to screw the two together:

Except for the fact that someone is generally roosting on top of it, it is working well as a mid-size feeder!


  1. Your girls have the Taj Mahal! That floor is a stitch! Don't get attached to it. It will look different after a couple of years with chickens on it. ;-) But man, they have the life! Great feeder.

    And I'm really digging the clothes on the line! Yummo!

  2. I'm considering using a similar play yard to help slowly integrate some new chickens to my older birds so that they can get to know each other but still have their own space during the transition. How long were you able to use the play yard before your chickens became too big/old for it to effectively contain them?