Monday, March 8, 2010

Thrift, Chicks and Fiber

Gratuitous Chick Photos for Today

I came home from Monday's morning errands which, to make it fun, included a stop at our local 2nd Ave Value Store. I am pretty sure this is a for-profit "thrift", they grew out of the "Village Thrift" stores. (I see a lot of bags and boxes marked "purple heart" in the back store room.) The prices are great and Sundays and Mondays are "customer appreciation" days and everything in the store is an additional 1/3 off. Today I scored a purple linen shift from Nordstroms for $4.83 - and some more boring stuff - but the best part was coming home to a big box of cormo/kid mohair roving on my doorstep from Juniper Moon Fiber Farm the best fiber farm in all the land! If you need a spring break - check the "Lambcam". You can watch the Nanny Goat Maternity Ward - there are 3 of Susan's nanny goats ready to kid. Tiny prancing goatlings any day now!

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