Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Having Trouple Keeping Track of the Seeds...

But I know why-

I am working on a fix. Plan A was to make a sort of temporary greenhouse of PVC pipe, but it seems they do not make a corner joint for 3 pipes to come together in the 1/2 inch size. The best I could find was two 1" coming together at right angles with a threaded 1/2 inch sticking up to make a corner, but 1" is total overkill. Plan B is to tape clear vinyl to the light fixture and staple the bottom edge to a piece of wood so it stays put and stays flat and I can roll or un-roll the vinyl as needed when I raise and lower the light. Will keep heat in and help keep kitty out. The other trick is to hook up the kitty-cat HD bazillion-pixel TV in the window next door!

Cat TV

Here is the "greenhouse". All the vinyl is just taped ( I love tape), we will see how it works this year, and will work out a sturdier solution for next year. What are the chicks up to? They are GROWING! They have graduated to a bigger cardboard condo - they are complaining due to lack of view, though the headroom is necessary because, well, they can fly!


Chick Video! Greens!

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