Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beautiful Day for Pruning!

Chick Photo of the Day!

It was lovely today! The sky super blue, warm, someone had a fire lit someplace so there was a hint of smokey smell in the air. Just lovely! Perfect for pruning the heck out of our old mis-managed apple trees. I took a pruning workshop at Primex, one of our local nurseries, and got advice on how to prune many things, even old neglected apple trees. Our pruning expert said to have at it, basically cut out anything sticking up, anything sticking back into the hedge, anything dead, dying or broken, choose and cut out one of any crossing branches, and leave the centers open. Do not be afraid. So we went at it!



I am heading out to Primex again, armed with a set of my after photos because I have a couple of questions still - some knobby bits, a crossing to choose a branch on, but basically they are cut. Hopefully we will get some apples. I also learned to pick off a significant portion of your apples. A tree will begin with a lot more fruit than it can support. After awhile the fruit will just drop. If you pick before, you can control the amount, location and quality of the fruit.

Chicken update:

The chicks are growing so fast! They are getting chickeny looking, actual necks and all! There are two who are clearly a day or so ahead of the other two. All four are getting wing tip feathers, and the more advanced two are getting noticeable tail feathers. They are still really cute and fluffy!

DS 13 and a chick!

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