Friday, February 26, 2010

Found the Snow Photos

The house from the street - first big snow

Closer to the house - this is before shoveling the driveway, just a path from the street to the door for the mailman.

Camera on the ground - the canyon that is the freshly shoveled sidewalk!

The next day -

The Second Two Feet:

While it was snowing....

The view from the street - after shoveling - the mounds of snow are huge, taller than me anyway!

Here are my neighbors - they are standing on the sidewalk, the snowbank is what has been plowed from the street - would you let your child walk on these sidewalks? Seriously, if the snowbank fell they would be covered, it's over 3 feet tall!

The side yard - we had to dig out the trash can.

Not shoveled yet - almost........
And we had more snow last night! Not much - yay!

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