Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wrapping a fig...

OK - so what DID we do with the fig? I bought it, planted it and actually got it wrapped BEFORE christmas, though I am posting now!

Here is the little bare naked tree, and a wood frame I did not use:

I pulled an old pillow case over the tree-

Cleverly wrapped chicken wire in a circle, cutting flaps on the top and bottom. The bottom flaps flip out and are anchored with a couple of big rocks, the top flaps will fold inward to make a "roof"-

Fill the chicken wire with leaves and straw, wrap the whole thing in a blanket!

THEN be unable to find a tarp or other suitable wrapper, remove EVERYTHING you just spent the last hour making, and use a plastic compost bin! It fit generously over top of the tree, filled it with straw and leaves! Will see what happens in the spring.

On a similar note:

I planted winter rye in the beds - here it is right before christmas:

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