Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie Time!

Bad blogger, bad bad! BUT here is a video of the ladies very excited 'cause maybe I will feed them some treats!

Chickens Run
Mavis, Mini, Lulu, Ethel, Aggie
the Bettys

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dave and Lisa Leave Their Backyard and go to Pittsburgh

Last weekend we got in the big white truck at 5 am and drove to Pittsburg to drop Peter off at Carnegie-Mellon. We unpacked him, made his bed, went to an orientation, ate, signed him in, toured the campus, ate agian and left him there! We have gotten several e-mails from him and he seems to be doing well and having a good time.
We took a couple of days to drive home:
Spent the first night at the Summit Inn Resort which is an old "porch hotel" on the national register of historic places. It was really nice in a sort of Stephen King sort of way! I would recommend staying there if you find yourself in that part of Pennsylvania and thinking about visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. (check out Fallingwater's webcam!)

This was the best! Classy "soap on a roap" this feature is right by the front door!
The grounds are really beautiful and there are a couple of short paths so you can go for a little hike. The place is a deciduous forest, so there is alot of dappled sunlight and interesting stuff growning:

On the road heading to York there are lots of windfarms-

Kings Covered Bridge in Somerset County

The best yarn store in all the land! The Mannings in East Berlin PA (Near York) and speaking of York, PA - the factory tour capital of the world - one cannot go to York and not tour the Harley Davidson Motor Company Plant!

All the parts for one motorcycle!

Last but most definitely not least ... how about this for kitchy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The not so glamorous side

Cleaned out the coop - about a month and a half of poop in there - eeewwwww.


Honestly, it only takes about 15 minutes to clean out - rake the crap out the door into an old plastic toy bin, toss it into the compost pile. Takes about 3 trips to the pile, then toss in about a quarter of a bale of wood shavings. Yes, that is a colored plastic easter egg you see in the middle nest box. It functions as a clue - "lay your eggs here dear, not in the middle of the floor"


Mavis (in the box) fills Mini in on just what the nest box is for.


The Garden is not the happiest of gardens. Between the heat, dry, then heat and deluge, we are not about to win any beauty contests.

Next weekend is slated for garden clean-up and fall planting. Meanwhile we had some big issues which I have a thought on fixing for next year. Squash vine borer beetles destroyed all the zucchini, my cucumbers succumbed to cucumber wilt about 3 weeks after my neighbor's - the wilt is spread by the cucumber beetle. I did get a couple of jars of refridgerator pickles out of them - Yummy!

On the positive side, neem oil and a good layer of fresh compost made the potato pots very happy and they have lots of nice new growth.

See the bean tee-pee in back there? I am definitely planting a bean tee-pee next year!

I love the purple runner beans, they are beautiful and mighty tasty!

The butternut squash is pretty happy, as is the chard.
I now know just what radishes look like if you do not pick them, I am not convinced actually repelled any bugs, but they are really nifty.

And last but not least - I got to try out my nifty harvesting apron!

Cats and Chickens

Do cats and chickens get along? I guess it depends on how big your chickens are, and how lazy your cat is:

A Very Short Story of Betty

Betty's just hanging in the yard, doing her girlfriend chicken thing

Ummmm.... what's this?

It wiggles......


Can I eat it?

Maybe better ... not.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bad Blogger, Bad, Very Bad.....

I will take photos of my goofy chickens and horribly ugly wretched garden tomorrow (if it does not pour). The garden got trammeled by heat, dry and bugs. The squash got those beetles that lay their eggs in the stem and the maggoty things grow in the stem and kill the squash. The cucumbers got a blight spread by cucumber beetles. So I will go write 100 times:

Row Covers
Yay Mavis! Mini started this week, and Lulu is right behind! The next 4 should start in another 3 weeks or so, one of the Bettys is getting close.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Too. Hot. To. Blog.

But I will take just a teensy moment to complain:

ok, done.

Friday, July 2, 2010

End of the Catch-up Bit

This is pretty much what we have now - from the last week of June. We are actively eating zucchini, I am organizing my zucchini recipe collection in anticipation......

We have been so dry, I have had to water quite a bit, in fact we used up the rainbarrel water about 2 weeks ago and I have had to use tap water. I have a couple of garden tasks to work on this weekend - blossom end rot seems to have set in the Roma tomatoes, probably because of the erratic watering - they kept predicting rain and it never came, so we had a drought followed by deluge scenario, the pototatoes had very few blossems, the spinach is not sprouting worth a darn, BUT I have the biggest radishes imaginable! They are not really repeling any cucumber beetles, or maybe they are and if the radishes were not there, I'd have 3 times as many! I hope they blossom soon!

A Betty

Betty, Ethel, Aggie and Betty

Aggie says "Hi!"

Mavis says "What?"