Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ramble Comes to Visit!

Well, we have had a swell time with Ramble! He is quite the helper I can tell you - we did not get out much, but he did add a certain flair to Thanksgiving!
On his first day here, Ramble came along with me as my friend Amy's show-and-tell at the Jenkintown Nursery School. Amy is an art teacher, and the teachers had read the story "Charlie Needs a Cloak" to the 4-year old class, so Amy brought in me, my spinning wheel and some wool. Of course Ramble came along too! Unfortunately I cannot post any pictures from the pre-school, but here is Ramble all ready to go:

Later that evening, since he had been to school and all, he helped my son with his homework. See them here working on a project for the "Future Cities" team. Amazingly, Ramble is a very good speller.

Thanksgiving dinner was at my house this year, Ramble helped with the cooking, added to the decor, bonded with the turkeys and was generally sociable, contributing many interesting opinions to the dinner conversiation.

After dinner, he and my older son enjoyed some cats, a fire and a good book.

The holiday ended and I had some work to do - Ramble helped weight packages for shipping, and of course we had to weigh Ramble tipping the scales at 11.6 ounces.

He is ready to roll, and will head off to his next stop tomorrow. Watch for his new holiday bling!!
Lisa (lasdcm)