Sunday, November 8, 2009

Made a Pie and Cleaned the Garden!

I just love pie, made the first apple pie of the season (yes, I know acorns don't come from maple trees, but those are the cookie cutters I found!) I had some dried cranberries, so I took about 2/3 of a cup and cooked them in about 1/3 of a cup of apple cider until they absorbed most all the cider, I also used maple sugar in both the crust and the filling - yummy!


We pulled the trellis out of the garden beds and dug out all the plants except the beets. I raked the beds, then sprinkled some winter rye and winter pea seeds, raked them in gently then mulched. We raked the lawn and took most of the backyard leaves, piled them and ran the mower over them a couple of times. Will got to mow, he was very excited, his first mower experience! Then took the chopped leaves and spread them over the beds. Hopefully the rye and peas will grow then we will chop them up and turn them under early in the spring.

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