Monday, November 19, 2012

Babies all grown up!

Well, nearly all grown up - no eggs but the rooster is crowing!  I'd love to keep him because he is gorgeous!  If he were a keeper - his name would be Nilfisk, the hen that matches him would be Miele, BUT the crowing will be an issue, so we have been calling him Col. Brunswick as he will most likely end up as a stew - sad but that is the life of a male chicken.  At least he has had a great life since June - pecking, running around, being a general PITA to the older hens - a factory-raised male chick is tossed in a bucket then on to the grinder to end up as protein meal or something.

Isn't he something?  
So that leaves me with 4 young girl-chickens or pullets - since they are not laying yet - The small grey hen is "Mouse", the two huge grey fluffy hens with the copper feathers around their necks are "The Pennys"  then the big fluffy black hen with the copper feathers who would have been Miele is probably going to end up Elvira (Mistress of the Dark) since she tends to exit the coop at night when I go hunt for eggs, and poke around the food!

 That is Ethel in front on the left - she's moulting - not so pretty, Elvira in front on the right and the Pennys behind with Brunswick
 Brunswick and one of the Pennys
Elvira, Brunswick, Mouse and a Penny with the two Bettys (yes, that is a Betty chicken butt)

Col. Brunswick the handsome one!

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  1. That is quite a rooster! I thought of you when I was translating a story that involved Plymouth Rocks! :) (Did I already tell you that?!)