Wednesday, June 27, 2012



chick number one hatched on Wednesday, a teeny grey ball of fluff with feathers on it's feet. Just a few days prior, the nests looked like this:
Though most of the time they actually looked like this:
THEN, last Wednesday 2 chicks! the grey hatched first, the little dark fellow is still damp!
At this point we belatedly moved them into the Nursery coop - a box on the ground level of the inner run so no chicks fall off the ramp and everyone has privacy:
Number 3:

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  1. How did you move them? Did you just grab the new chicks and put them in the nursery box and the mom followed?
    Our hen hatched chicks a couple weeks ago in our really high nest boxes. We tried putting a ramp in for them, but it was too steep. Most of them managed to get down to the hen house floor and then couldn't get back to the nest box, so mama had to snuggle up at night with them on the floor. Then they made it down into the run and couldn't make it back up in the hen house! I like the idea of a nursery coop.
    what does it look like in the inside? How do you access it? do you have problems with the other chickens coming in an stealing food/water from the chicks' supply? (ours do that!)
    We've had chickens for years, but this is the first time we've had them hatch their own chicks! So exciting. =)