Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Knit: Casting On

These tutorials were originally posted at the Juniper Moon Farms blog. I want to thank Susie for letting me post on her terrific blog, and encourage you to go visit it - nothing beats Juniper Moon for photos of puppies, pigs, chickens, llamas .. and if you have a hankering, they are looking for a Farm Manager......

When Susie put out the all-call for possible blog contributors, she probably figured nobody would actually volunteer to embarrass themselves publicly on video demonstrating knitting done their way! Well, I figure, what the heck! So I am here laying out my knitting skills for all of you to see – please be gentle!

I really love teaching people how to knit, but what I really like is knowing why something works, or doesn’t work. Why are there umpteen million ways to cast-on, decrease, bind off? How is knitting constructed? Why do some ways to knit work better than others? I was taught by my mom, who was taught by her Aunt Addie, when I was pretty young, I don’t remember learning. I do know that I was a very successful knitter for many, many years without being able to follow certain lace or stitch patterns before I realized I knit “backwards”. I took a class and saw how my knitting was constructed differently, and presto- a light went off in my head and I became so much more aware of how knitting was actually constructed, stitch patterns were developed and why there are really no mistakes or wrong ways to knit.

Anyway, I plan on a series of videos, hopefully one set every month, which will show you not only how to do something, but why you are doing it that way, and why that way and not another way. I hope that will help de-mystify knitting, and make you not afraid of your knitting, and not a captive of instructions.

So, here we go, with the first four videos of Knitting According to Lisa: Casting On!

Long Tail Cast-On: the basic all-purpose cast-on edge

Long Tail Cast-On from Lisa Stockebrand on Vimeo.

Crochet Cast-On: where you don’t run out of yarn and which you can also use to decorate a hanger

Crochet Cast-On from Lisa Stockebrand on Vimeo.

Knitting-On Cast-On: just how the heck do you cast on in the middle of your knitting?

Knitting On Stitches from Lisa Stockebrand on Vimeo.

Provisional Cast-On: my favorite because I tend to be hard on my knitting and this one does not fall out!

Provisional Cast-On from Lisa Stockebrand on Vimeo.

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