Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dave and Lisa Leave Their Backyard and go to Pittsburgh

Last weekend we got in the big white truck at 5 am and drove to Pittsburg to drop Peter off at Carnegie-Mellon. We unpacked him, made his bed, went to an orientation, ate, signed him in, toured the campus, ate agian and left him there! We have gotten several e-mails from him and he seems to be doing well and having a good time.
We took a couple of days to drive home:
Spent the first night at the Summit Inn Resort which is an old "porch hotel" on the national register of historic places. It was really nice in a sort of Stephen King sort of way! I would recommend staying there if you find yourself in that part of Pennsylvania and thinking about visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. (check out Fallingwater's webcam!)

This was the best! Classy "soap on a roap" this feature is right by the front door!
The grounds are really beautiful and there are a couple of short paths so you can go for a little hike. The place is a deciduous forest, so there is alot of dappled sunlight and interesting stuff growning:

On the road heading to York there are lots of windfarms-

Kings Covered Bridge in Somerset County

The best yarn store in all the land! The Mannings in East Berlin PA (Near York) and speaking of York, PA - the factory tour capital of the world - one cannot go to York and not tour the Harley Davidson Motor Company Plant!

All the parts for one motorcycle!

Last but most definitely not least ... how about this for kitchy!

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  1. A true fiber girl after my own heart... always check out the LYS no matter where you go? me too!
    My kids go back to school the 1st & 4th... this nest will be empty... :-( See... I need some chickens! xov