Friday, July 2, 2010

End of the Catch-up Bit

This is pretty much what we have now - from the last week of June. We are actively eating zucchini, I am organizing my zucchini recipe collection in anticipation......

We have been so dry, I have had to water quite a bit, in fact we used up the rainbarrel water about 2 weeks ago and I have had to use tap water. I have a couple of garden tasks to work on this weekend - blossom end rot seems to have set in the Roma tomatoes, probably because of the erratic watering - they kept predicting rain and it never came, so we had a drought followed by deluge scenario, the pototatoes had very few blossems, the spinach is not sprouting worth a darn, BUT I have the biggest radishes imaginable! They are not really repeling any cucumber beetles, or maybe they are and if the radishes were not there, I'd have 3 times as many! I hope they blossom soon!

A Betty

Betty, Ethel, Aggie and Betty

Aggie says "Hi!"

Mavis says "What?"


  1. Love the picture of the chickens in a row on the ramp!

  2. Wonderful garden, Lisa! Mine is only slightly better than a flop, but that's an improvement over last year, so I'm counting it in the win column. Yellow squash is the clear winner, with egg plant coming up quickly on the outside. Cucumbers scratched. Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh My! These creatures are beautiful!!!!