Sunday, May 23, 2010

It is raining so a good day to catch up!

Lots of stuff this week! We rented a log splitter so Dave is out splitting as I type, Will is helping sell fresh local veggies from the Streamside Farm at Elkins Estate at the Farmer's Market this morning, and Peter is playing the piano. Dave went over to a neighbor’s house earlier this morning to cut some bamboo from their backyard for pole bean trellises so I can make a bean teepee this year. OK - I walk into the backyard to get the polls - and they are like 24 feel long! We are talking Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon bamboo! As soon as this bit of rain passes through, I will cut them to closer to 10 feet and get the tee-pee started!

Also I spent an inordinately large amount of time setting up some bird netting to protect the raspberries and strawberries. See it? I couldn't either! What a pain in the neck! I cobbled together a PVC pipe framework to hold the netting up over the strawberries a bit. For the raspberries I am not sure. The berries are small enough to poke through the netting so the netting is getting caught on them and the branches. I tied a nice rope across the top of the support trellises to hold up the netting, but I may see if I can rig some sort of PVC half-hoop to pull the netting away from the sides a bit.

Put 3 lonely tomato plants into the front gardens: yellow pear, big mama, and black truffle. I neglected to label them before which tomato was where flew right out of my head, so we will have to wait until they fruit! Picked up some sorrel from the market today. I have never used sorrel before. It needs sun so that will go in front too with the other sunny herbs.
Three tomatoes: yellow pear, black truffle and big mama, in a partially mulched garden

Dave finished an "epic" 3-section compost bin, and we shoveled the chicken poopy shavings into the third bin. With luck the little girls will be integrated with the big girls in the outdoor coop this week (if not today 'cause they are getting big and smelly!) so the last of those uber-poop shavings will go in the bin. The chicken poop has to sit for a year, so we will leave it alone until next spring, then it should be amazing for the garden!

He also got the last details of the coop finished: raccoon-proof (we hope) latching on the door to the coop and to the nest boxes.

Latch plus carbiner combo - cross your fingers!
Dyed a bunch of sock yarn yesterday. I am pretty happy with how it came out! I was supposed to be at the Farmer's Market today, but that fell apart. Next Saturday I will be at the Glenside Farmer's Market - I have a new spiffy summer set-up complete with a 10 x 10 tent-cover!

Took some photography tips from Shepherd Susie (she also has an amazing bread salad recipe over on her blog) - so here is my attempt at better chicken pictures!




Say What? .........


  1. LOVE the garden, Lisa! And the chicken pix are GRAND!!! Wish we could have been at that photo workshop.... ahhhhh well. We'll do our best with what we have, eh?

  2. Those are some GREAT Chicken Pix, Lisa!! LOVE the last one, of course! :)

    Everything's looking so lovely, I'll pop down for a visit just as soon as those tomatoes start to ripen! :-P

  3. Gotta go tell susyQ1, that last pic is for her!