Friday, May 14, 2010

I Cheated...

Well, when we went out of town for a few days over spring break and all the seedlings I started, well, they pretty much fried. SO I went to Burpees seeds and picked up some nice heirloom tomatoes: 4 "Rutgers" and 4 "Brandywine" I also picked up 2 "La Roma" and some sweet peppers, "Pino Noir" and "Red Beauty". I got the last of the back gardens all planted:

I hooked a garden hose to the rainbarrels and ran it down toward the beds. I then took 2 of our 50' soaker hoses and cut them in half and added new ends to make 4 hoses, 25 feet each which I arranged and paritally buried in the beds. Now, rather than watering, I can hook the rain barrels to each of the garden beds in turn and give them a good soak as necessary. After taking the pictures, I mulched the beds with straw over top of the hoses so that should help keep moisture in as well.

Last weekend was really windy, the pear in the backyard got pushed over, so we pulled it back up and anchored it with steel cable and slid a piece of garden hose over the area that is against the tree. The next day was windy, but the cable held. Crossing fingers it works.


The big chickens are really liking the coop and have figured out they can fly up to the perches. I have been taking the little ones out every sunny day for at least a few hours, they are almost ready to head into the coop themselves!


The Big Girls

Buffy and Bella



More after the weekend. The agenda (subject to change without notice): last coop details, compost bin, front gardens, mulch, and ..... Boy Scout spaghetti dinner!

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You will be eating well in no time! Pretty chickens.... ;-)