Monday, April 19, 2010

Chicken Coop is Getting There!

Busy - lots of work this week, but we (Dave, though I did hand him several tools!) got a lot done on the coop, AND we added a 4th raised bed. The Chicks are getting really chicken-y and the back room is smelly - hopefully the coop will be done next weekend, the weather will cooperate and the big girls can head out to their new digs. Meanwhile:

Chicken Coop

Nest boxes went in, 4 is probably overkill for 8-9 hens, but while you are building...

The doors on the back of the coop to access the nest boxes, each door will allow you to stick your hand in two of the boxes - see why we did 4? Nice and symmetrical!

We got the door on, the ramp up, and began digging post holes for the outside run!


Got a 4th bed put together and dirt delivered for both the bed and under the chicken coop.

Got the winter rye turned under - I have been letting the big chickens hang out in the beds, they do a great job scratching and digging in the turned up dirt. As it turns out, winter rye inhibits seed germination which makes it a great living mulch to use in preparing a new bed, but maybe not the best for a working bed? Anyway, since our frost date is technically May 15 I am early enough turning it all under that it should be nice and composted enough by planting time.

Did plant chard seeds in the patio bed next to the rhubarb, it was so warm last week I had to plant something!

Gratuitous Chick Photos


The Little Ones First Time Outside


  1. Looking good, Lisa! Looking very good. Lucky chicks!

  2. Wait until tomorrow's post - coop getting very fancy! My neighbor is ready to move in!

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