Thursday, March 18, 2010

New in the Backyard - Laundry!

The first load of laundry to dry on the line!

Actually, I have been sneaking the sheets onto the line on and off during the winter, mostly off, but I did get a few decent days for sheets, but this is the first regular load, AND I will get to hang more up tomorrow. There is something just so nice about hanging clothes out on the line. They smell great, they feel great, the towels are scratchy at first but they absorb water so well. The only things I don't like on the line are sweatshirts, they take forever and take up alot of space, but I usually hang them out anyway!

The chicks are entering the manky teen-age stage - this is Mavis, she is pretty scrappy looking!

Manky Mavis!


They have changed so much, check out her neck! Mini is definitely a few days behind, she is still pretty tiny, and has slightly different coloring than the other three - They are all still peeping!


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  1. I just got a laundry line last year but I'd forgotten about it- thanks for the reminder 'cause we have warm sunny weather here this weekend and I can definitely use it.