Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well, I succumbed:

My intention was to check out 2 feed stores, and get a set-up together for chicks. My plan was to get together with a couple of others and go in on an order of chicks so we could each get a varitey of chicks but not end up with 25. The idea was to get everything set up before hand, since I have cats, and need to ease DH into the idea. But, there you go, I was unable to pass by the bin of 75 tiny fluffy bits of fluffy-ness! SO we now have 4 teeny weeny Barred Rock chicks!
Soooooooo cute!
For the next couple of weeks they live in a plastic box with a heat lamp. They will not be so cute and fluffy for long, so I will be taking lots of pics!

I am still hoping to do a little chick trading so I end up with 4-5 chickens of 2-3 breeds. Barred Rocks are really pretty black and white speckled chickens, they lay brown eggs and tend to be friendly calm chickens. Here is a sweet pic of my interweb friend Suzie's 2 barred rocks:

More later - tomorrow I am not going to any feed stores! I am staying home and getting some seeds started!

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