Wednesday, March 31, 2010

12 teeny chicks came in the mail

Here is how they arrive, the post office calls you and you come and pick them up in this nice sturdy box, the cat is interested.

When you open the dozen assorted chicks! One day old. They are all huddled together (the white pad is a tiny warm pack) and peeping, so you have to quickly scoop them into a nice clean warm box with food and mostly water.

There are 4 white leghorn chicks (the classic easter chick looking chicks) 4 assorted silkies (the teeny fluffy ones with teeny fluffy bits on their feet ooooooooooo I wanted to pop them in my mouth they were soooo cute!), 2 buff orpingtons (larger carmel colored fluff balls) and 2 ameraucnas (one dark and one light, they lay the blueish eggs). The leghorns and the silkies left my care last night for their proper home.

I am left with four teeny ones, which brings my chicken total to 8.

Buff Orpington Chicks

Ameraucna Chicks (Easter-Eggers)

The big girls are so BIG!

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