Friday, February 26, 2010


Well, it is about time for a new post don't ya think? So, for Valentines day I made really fun tasty treats! Got vanilla heart Peeps and dipped them in Ghiradelli chocolate - easy peasey and yummy!

Then it SNOWED, and SNOWED and SNOWED some more.... Then it started to melt and we got amazing icicles.....we are so getting a plow (which will of course guarantee no more snow ever). I took a bunch of photos, but can't find them! I must have downloaded them to a strange location, but meanwhile here is the set for Dr. Zhivago:

Here is the front of the Apartment, this is after several days of hacking away at the ice - you can see how thick it is where we didn't shovel - that is all ice, not snow piles

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