Sunday, November 1, 2009


Peter made his Halloween costume this year out of a big sheet of paper - we bought a roll and he taped 4 sheets to make a 10' by 10' square, then he folded it into a walking man - he spent about 2 hours one evening and about 4 hours on Saturday to finish it up. It was beautiful - unfortunately it pretty much melted in the rain, so we are going to get another roll of paper and try it again! Will had the opposite costume! He was "The Blob". We made it out of 3 contractor trash bags and 8 helium balloons! It was great - next time I will use much thinner plastic bags so it is more floaty. Also - FYI - duct tape does not stick really well to plastic contractor trash bags, packing tape is much better! More photos on my flickr page if you want to see more!

Here is the big sheet, and the first couple of folds

The folding continues.........

Beginning to take shape........

The Walking Man - stick holding up the head like a puppet, the walking stick part of the paper - here balancing across the ladder - is actually taped to a real stick so it can be carried around.
Done! It Works!

The Blob! He Lives!


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